Student Recommended Tracks

Beginner Track

Photoshop for Beginners

This course is designed to get you started in your journey of learning Photoshop. Realistically, it would take many hours to cover every single tool and function – but you don’t need to learn every single thing about Photoshop. To get started, it’s more important to learn the essentials of how to navigate through the program, some important habits to develop, and some approaches that make it easier to learn more about Photoshop as you continue to explore the program. The lessons in this course will provide you with a great foundation that will help you develop your skill in Photoshop.

Habits of Successful Photoshop Users

Learn how experienced (and successful) Photoshop Users work more creatively and with more productivity using these Photoshop tool, techniques and workflows. This mini-course has 3 lessons.

Layers A - Z

In this very detailed course I cover everything there is to know about Layers, starting from the very basics and working up to some more advanced techniques. Layers are one of the most important things to know about in Photoshop and this course is designed to walk you through and show you all the most important techniques you need to know to master working with layers in Photoshop. Whether you are brand new to the concept of layers or have been using them for some time, this course will cover all the key elements of layers so that you can take full advantage of using layers in Photoshop. Over 4.5 hours of content!!

Retouching Basics

In this Mini-Course Dave covers the basics of retouching photographs - from removing unwanted objects to retouching portraits

Fundamentals: Adjustment Layers

See why using Adjustment Layers offer many more options than using anything under the Image>Adjustments menu. Adjustment Layers are more flexible and help with accuracy.

Selections, Channels & Masks

In this detailed course, Dave Cross covers all the key methods for making selections, using channels and working with masks. The overall goal of this course is to equip you with multiple tools and techniques that help you make realistic, accurate masks quickly and easily. Dave covers all the selection tools and gives practical advice on the ones you’ll use the most, he provides detailed instruction on working with channels and masks, and gives you a ton of bonus suggestions, shortcuts and tips.

What you’ll learn in this class:

Key methods for making accurate selections

How to tweak selections for extra believability

The role of channels when working with images

How to create and fine-tine masks

How working non-destructively will save you time

Numerous shortcuts and “hidden” secrets

Beginner Track Information

If you are very (or fairly) new to Photoshop, here is a suggested order of courses to watch. I suggest starting with the Photoshop for Beginners Course and then follow in order each of the next courses and tutorials .

At any time if you are looking for help on a specific topic, you can use the category menu or the Search box to find a tutorial on a specific topic.

If you are not a member of the site, each course will be priced individually - as a member all of these courses are included in your subscription.

Don't forget that twice a month I hold live "Office Hours" where you can ask questions and I answer them live. These sessions are also recorded and appear in your available courses. (Timecodes indicate what topics are covered in each recorded broadcast).